The clubhouse at Midland Meadows Golf Club is stocked with a selection of golf accessories and apparel. We also offer a variety of light snacks, refreshments and we are fully licensed.


The Midland Meadows Golf Club Clubhouse which was formally the Midland Community Hall built in 1830 and was moved to its current location and repurposed in 2021.

Sherry and Glen Gray needed a place to host their Midland Meadows Golf Club Championship. The Midland Community Hall was the absolute perfect place! After several times using this venue the owners told them that due to lack of use, they would be tearing it down.

Sherry and Glen agreed they needed to save the hall. In the Spring of 2021, they hired McConchie Trucking to move the building. They loaded it onto a truck bed and drove it to its new home! The hall fit in perfectly, just as Sherry had envisioned, with even the peaks matching up to their house.

The hall was originally built as a church in 1830 located in Bloomfield. When the church was decommissioned, two local men decided that it would make a great community hall in Midland, and they proceeded to have it moved over the Mountain by a team of oxen in 1916. Sherry and Glen found out that one of the men involved in this process was the one who owned their current property, built the house that they live in, and the hall he set out to move is now located right next to his former homestead. This was quite a coincidence, and it feels like it was always meant to be!

Below you can see a video taken by Mike Sherwood of the hall being moved to its current location and its new life as the Midland Meadows Clubhouse.